Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are some examples of The FairWays Foundation grant projects that have been funded in the past?

A:  Projects that make a difference to the community or industry, such as –

  • Supporting habitats and wildlife
  • Educational events
  • Linking landscape and business
  • Encouraging sustainable management practices
  • Environmental improvement projects

Q:  When will you be open to accept grant applications?

A:  Grant applications will be accepted February 1 – April 30, 2022

Q:  How can I get involved if I do not intend to apply for funding?


  • Become an ambassador >
  • Donation from any party are always warmly received – 100% of donations go to worthy projects
  • Express an interest in a position on one of the working committees
  • Every purchase of an Aquatrols product benefits the FairWays Foundation by way of a contribution from Aquatrols

Q:  Can non-Aquatrols employees be on the committees?

A:  Absolutely.

Q:  How will The FairWays Foundation be funded?

A:  The FairWays Foundation will be funded through:

  • Contributions from industry partners
  • Customer contributions and support
  • A percentage of Aquatrols annual revenue

Q:  Who decides which projects get funded?

A:  Ultimately the board, which will consist of Aquatrols employees, as well as non-Aquatrols members.

Q:  Do I have to buy Aquatrols products to contribute?

A:  No, nor do you need to be an Aquatrols customer to apply for funding.

Q:  Is it just for golf industry related projects?

A:  No, all applications pertaining to our environment and natural resources will be considered.

Q:  Will it support projects in the UK or is it just USA?

A:  The FairWays Foundation will support Global Projects.

Ultimately the aim is to proportionately allocate funds depending on level of revenue accumulated per geography, however the board have the right to direct funds into any meaningful application regardless of geography.

Q:  Can I apply for funding in consecutive years?

A:  Yes, each application will be fully considered, and feedback will be given to unsuccessful applications.

Q:  If awarded a grant what are the reporting requirements?

A:  A final report is to be submitted on completion of the project.  This will include details on the project itself as well as on the use of all allocated funds.